View Full Version : Binding 2 grids - v3.x - is it possible?

16 Jan 2010, 11:42 AM
I have created a successful databinding page based on: http://examples.extjs.eu/databind.html

I have a main grid with header/master data. When I click on the grid row, I have 2 panels with information that is returned properly through a FormPanel and configured with a tpl: HTML TABLE

My 3rd panel is another Grid that shows Detail records.

My problem is that on the page loading, the detail grid is populated with all records. I want to bind this just like the FormPanels. I have tried inserting the databinding code from the example into the Detail grid configuration, but it does not work.

So my questions is, can I bind the 2 grids or should I just create another Panel and my own tpl: HTML Detail table?

Code is lengthy and I can post any relevant pieces.

17 Jan 2010, 10:54 AM
i don't get the hard part? Upon click of one grid, call the second grid's store.load method, passing in any arguments. :-\

17 Jan 2010, 2:46 PM
And Ext is new to me. I know enough to be dangerous and sometimes need direction with the "polishing"....Most my experience is on the database and php side.

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the help. I will do some homework on that call now.

17 Jan 2010, 3:58 PM
try something like:

grid1.on('rowdblclick', function() {
// do load here

Check the API for the 'rowdblclick' gridpanel published event to learn of the parameters.