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15 Jan 2010, 5:30 PM

I posted this question before but received no satisfying answers. I also don't think that we are the only one facing this problem.

We are programming ERP. An order and invoice documents have orderitems and invoiceitems in editablegrid. When order or invoice form is opened, the grids are filled with items but combo columns are frequently empty. If I click on a cell which has combo for an editor the value appears. Just the renderer most of the time does not display the value (Sometimes it does).
If I call store.reload() the values allways appear.

Here I'm attaching a link to a Wink movie:


I ran out of options what to do.

17 Jan 2010, 1:44 PM

I managed to find out, that if I put a definition of store for the grid lower in the initialisation code, blank (renderer) almost never happen. But still sometimes it does.

That means, that it is very important when the data is loaded. So if I have an editable grid with several combo editors (need to load the data ...) blank renderer can happen because the asinchronous calls to the database. Actually the result is consequence of simple fact: Who loads first.

Of course this is not acceptable in the real business application. So are there any mechanisms in the framework, that I could listen to if all dependent objects are loaded or no.

Otherwise we will have to check for each combo store if it is loaded and when all of them will be, we'll have to call load of the main grid.

How do you guy handle this in your applications? I guess there are some users, that program more than just simple examples.

If someone have implementation of a renderer which waits on a combo store to load and after returns a data I'd be glad to give a little financial contribute.