View Full Version : How to update a panel with html content autoloaded?

31 Dec 2009, 1:27 AM
I've a Panel with an autoload property setted to load an external html file

var user_profile = new Ext.Panel ({
id : "fs-UserProfile",
title : "Your profile",
collapsible : false,
autoLoad : 'profile.php',
padding : 10

After some operations, i need to reload the html content, because it's been updated from remote server.

I tried update method of panel, like this

var PannelloProfilo = Ext.getCmp("fs-UserProfile");

but JS console warn be about

PannelloProfilo.update is not a function

the id of the 'PannelloProfilo' is correct.

in the api docs i see that there is a mandatory config parameter to use:


* htmlOrData : Mixed

What is this? Mixed ? Does it want directly a string with html content?
If so ... a simple update property is really missing from the framework
if not... how to simply reload the 'autoload' page's content ?

31 Dec 2009, 2:37 AM
ok, it was simple ...

..there is he load method with html parameter...

.. resolved