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17 Dec 2009, 10:14 AM
Best practices. Yes, I'm looking for a short cut. I have grids in grid folders forms in form folders. This will still get messy. My first thought is to layer it like i do with Dot.Net code projects. This is not my original idea. I saw a presentation by Auther Kay http://www.akawebdesign.com titled Layered UI and should have paid more attention. The question i have is what is considered a best practice. Makes sense to put dataStores and the like in a data layer, but it could get out of hand and become too granular. Please someone turn me in the right direction and give me a push.


17 Dec 2009, 11:25 AM
Don't programmatically define your data Stores.

Use metadata generated on the server (where metadata is available) and export that and use it to generate Record definitions and Stores for whetever application entities you need to store.

18 Dec 2009, 5:42 AM
Thanks you,
Im at the point now where i'll start doing that where possible. This is the dort of answer i was looking for.