View Full Version : autoLoad craeting problems

11 Dec 2009, 12:39 AM
var viewport = new Ext.Panel({
,id: 'viewport'
,layout: 'border'
,renderTo: 'container'
,items: [
{region:'north', items:{id: 'header_panel', xtype:'panel', autoLoad:'/rma/get_header'}, border:false, layout:'fit', height:100}
,{region:'center', items:{xtype:'rma_container', autoScroll:true}, border:false, layout:'fit'}
,{region:'south', items:{xtype:'panel', autoLoad:'/rma/get_footer', border:false}, border:false,layout:'fit', height:30}

In the code above I have used autoLoad to render 2 panels(header and footer).

I am facing a lot of problems with this.

I have some other ajax reqeusts outside this viewport that are made after Ext.onReady() to be used in the center panel,

I always see discrepancies in the number of requests that are being sent to the server. It is never consistent. It also behaves differently in different browsers. so the page does not get loaded properly.

I use firebug to see the number of requests being sent.

Is there a way to manage multile requests?
Is there anything that I need to be careful about while making multiple requests?