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4 Dec 2009, 11:42 AM
Anyone have a clue how I can implement something like this?


Its basically a query builder that I took from MS Visual Studio 2008. I would need something similar in my application.

I have an editor grid working and can generate queries but cant seem to implement the grouping in the first column. Basically you select two rows and click the "group" button and then that little group indicator appears. Its the indicator that I dont know how to implement

Anyone has an idea how I can do this?

5 Dec 2009, 6:31 AM

5 Dec 2009, 7:01 AM
You could use a GroupingView and specify different startGroup and endGroup templates to show the group indicator instead of the normal group header.

7 Dec 2009, 8:00 AM
that was my initial idea but didnt really get it to work. what do you mean by using different startGroup and endGroup templates? Do you have an example?

7 Dec 2009, 8:10 AM
Cant seem to find startGroup and endGroup in the GroupingView documentation...

8 Dec 2009, 7:32 AM
They are not yet documented. I also found a bug that you can't specify an endGroup (fixed in current SVN trunk).

Because of this you will need to override doEndGroup instead of specifying an endGroup.