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30 Nov 2009, 5:38 PM
Hey all,

I've been using ExtJS in a web application for scheduling part time staff at 2 campus bars for a couple of years now. Over that time, the layout's gotten more complicated and the code I use to generate it is now messy and slow. Cross-browser compatibility became such a nightmare I now only support Firefox since I don't have time to fix the little bugs.

I'd like to use Ext component such as a grid to generate the main layout since I think it would be much more efficient when loading the page (which is quite slow on older machines now).

I've attached a screenshot of the generated layout (normally the gray boxes are shifts that have people's names on them, but removed for this). If anyone has any ideas they'd be much appreciated. The layout has to be flexible and needs to be able to accomodate different shifts at different times on each day. Ideally, it would have the ability to specify which days are shown and which days are grouped together (this is shown in a couple of the screenshots but is done manually now).

I'm also OK with creating my own component if necessary but I'm really stuck and not sure how to begin.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


1 Dec 2009, 12:33 AM
Those are so small, it's impossible to see what you are doing. Use photobucket.com to host pictures.

This Component is essentially a list of columns?

I could see an Ext.Container instance of layout: 'hbox' being used to arrange columns across the page.

Each Column could be a DataView based upon a <table>