View Full Version : Two panels in a layout - one with a fixed height

27 Nov 2009, 11:33 AM
I'm sure this is going to be an obvious answer. I have two panels on another panel. I want the top one to have a fixed height and a width that adjusts to fill the entire width of the containing panel. The second panel below should then fill the available space. Sort of like having a big fat toolbar on the top. I've been trying an anchor layout, but the problem is with small screens in that the top panel becomes too small for its contents. I basically want the top panel to have a minimum height. What's the obvious way of achieving this?

27 Nov 2009, 11:54 AM
layout: {
type: 'vbox',
align: 'stretch'
items: [{
title: 'Fixed Height',
height: 50
}, {
title: 'Flexed height',
flex: 1

26 Jan 2010, 4:47 AM
Belated thanks to animal on this. Worked like a charm.