View Full Version : Button tooltip fails with "this.btnEl is undefined" in 3.0.3

21 Nov 2009, 6:46 AM
Apologies if this is part of the migration instructions that I have missed. I'm trying to upgrade an existing 2.2.1 app to 3.0.3, and am having a problem with a fairly simple area.

I have a Toolbar on a Ext.tree.TreePanel. The toolbar has a button. The button has a tooltip.

var btnRefresh = new Ext.Toolbar.Button (
text: '',
iconCls: 'x-btn-text x-tbar-loading',
scope: this,

var toolbar = new Ext.Toolbar(
items: [btnRefresh]

tree = new Ext.tree.TreePanel(
id: 'objFileTree',
bbar: toolbar,

When the tree renders, I get the following failure:

this.btnEl is undefined

Reported at:

Line 42006 (3.0.3)

The line in question is:

this.btnEl.dom[this.tooltipType] = tooltip;

If I look at the stack in debug (Firebug), I can see that the "this" pointer points to the button, but the object does not have a "btnEl" field. It does have an "el" field however.

I've obviously missed something in the migration as this would appear to be a fairly basic feature.

I have:

Included the new CSS
Included the new images

What am I doing wrong here?