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19 Nov 2009, 10:45 PM
Hi All, I have two problems about tooltip after I update the Ext version to 3.0.3, and have not found any resolves. Thanks for the everyone!

1, error information shows "xy is undefined", and the error in the cause "var axy = [xy[0] + offsets[0], xy[1] + offsets[1]];" in getTargetXY functions
Nevertheless, the tooltip could be shown normally! Below is the define code

config.height = 220;
config.autoHide = true;
config.draggable = true;
config.resizable = true;
config.anchor = 'top';
config.trackMouse = true; ===> here, the error will disappear if I remove this define
config.id = Ext.id();
config.target = target;

2. Contain content items can not be shown!
I have a tooltip contains a form panel which contains a textArea and buttons.
When the tooltip render, the tooltip will show which contains the buttons but not the textArea. (It's runs normally before I update the version)

Later, I add a function in the tooltip "render" event. In the function, I add a component to the tooltip with a fix width and height. A curiously situation happened: the tooltip will show the textArea, button, and the component new added! But the textArea and this component have the same width and height! Below is the code!

var noteTextArea = new Ext.form.TextArea({
id: Ext.id()
, width: '300'
, height: '100'

var noteEditTooltip = new Ext.ToolTip({
title: 'Add Note'
, layout: 'fit'
, width: 300
, height: 300
, frame: true
, autoHide :false
, draggable : true
, resizable: true
, anchor: 'top'
, id: Ext.id()
, border: false
, closable: false
, items: {
xtype: 'form'
, layout: 'fit'
, items: noteTextArea
, buttons: [{
text: 'Save',
handler: function() {}
}, {
text: 'Cancel',
handler: function() {}

noteEditTooltip .on('render', function(panel){
panel.add(new Ext.Toolbar.TextItem({
id: 'ti' + new Date().valueOf()
, width: '300'
, height: '100'
, text: '<SPAN STYLE="font-size: 12px; color: red;">********</SPAN>'
}, this);

I want to show the textArea and the buttons only! Please give me some hint!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

22 Nov 2009, 6:19 PM
No reply???? :((