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16 Nov 2009, 5:05 AM
SingleSelectCheckColumn is a CheckColumn extension that only allows one row to be checked at a time (so it behaves like a radiogroup).

Ext.ux.grid.SingleSelectCheckColumn = Ext.extend(Ext.ux.grid.CheckColumn, {
onMouseDown : function(e, t){
var index = this.grid.getView().findRowIndex(t),
dataIndex = this.dataIndex;
this.grid.store.each(function(record, i){
var value = (i == index);
if(value != record.get(dataIndex)){
record.set(dataIndex, value);

23 May 2010, 11:49 AM
Ext.ux.SingleSelectCheckColumn = Ext.extend(Ext.ux.CheckColumn, {

Ext.ux.SingleSelectCheckColumn = Ext.extend(Ext.ux.grid.CheckColumn, {

6 May 2011, 4:52 AM
Hi guys, i was trying to use this plugin but when i go on my component in my application i've back this :

Cls is not a constructor
c = new Cls(c);

To use this item i did a script with ns and reg and i called the sscc with the reg name into my xtype.
I found on web that this error can be caused from an unfair framework's version (atm i'm using 3.3.0).