View Full Version : Stores, sub-stores & filters - help

15 Nov 2009, 1:10 PM
Forgive me, I am fresh to EXTJS and my requirement does not seem obvious to me:

I have designed a viewport that contains many gridpanels that need to show filtered data of a single, read-only store (which is updated regularly) These grids are created dynamically by the user when required so management of their datastore must be able to acknowledge their creation and removal.

How can I do this 'filtering' without creating stores for each gridpanel? I would prefer to manage data from a centralised object to take advantage of events in a single location and merely create a filter template for each grid as it is created and have events bubble to each gridpanel when the underlying dataset has been changed.

---- Data object filtered to show Field A is blank
---- Data object filtered to show Field A == "13 Dave"
---- Data object filtered to show Field A == "43 Frosty"

When STORE has changed, I need to ensure the changes are reflected in the chjild data objects for all grids.

I hope I have defined my problem clear enough! Please help me out here.:((