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5 Nov 2009, 6:33 AM

i have some troubles with the Google Earth Plugin that i've put into an Ext.Window.
i manage my GE plugin in a 'div' , direct node of the document body, and then, i display it into my Window by the 'contentEl' attribute of an panel into the win.

1. hide problem

It works at first display, but when i minimize my window and then restore it, it doenst display anymore...
i can see it quickly when i move the window, so it's HERE, but behind all panel, layout and stuff of my window so that i can't see it...

how can i force myPanel to display the contentEl div in front of all others element of my Window ?

2. z-index problem
when my GE plugin is displayed into a window, it stay in foreground, over all other window that i can open on top. i use a webdesktop, and the div of GE keeps beeing displayed on top of everything else in my webdesktop

thks for help

5 Nov 2009, 9:56 AM
Your problem is how the plugin renders into the browser, this is not a z-order problem, it's the same as putting a flash inside a window, if you doesn't use the wmode param of flash movies to tell them to render differently, they render over the web and not as if they were part of it.

In other words, you need to search for some config option of your GE plugin that make it work as you want, if that one exists.

For the problem of hidding / showing it, is say the same, it's a problem of the GE plugin, in Flash the movie is reloaded when you hide / show it so it's a similar problem.

Hope this will help you in your search for a solution.