View Full Version : Using an HtmlEditor a-la Outlook "Tasks"

Mike Robinson
30 Oct 2009, 1:46 PM
I'm looking to put an HtmlEditor component in a panel that's associated with a grid ... a la the "Tasks" view that's used in Microsoft Outlook.

I guess I'm just having trouble getting "a clean mental-image" of the best way to accomplish that... particularly the saving of edited text (and, determining that the text has actually changed). Quite a few of the events that are usual for a "form.Field" are not available here.

Can someone out there who has done this ... advise me how you decided to do it?

Getting the data into the HTML Editor is straightforward enough, but knowing when and how to post the value back into the database is ... "problematic." I'd love to save my hair follicles if you've already spent yours. ;)

Mike Robinson
2 Nov 2009, 8:01 AM

C'mon... Is nobody out there using HtmlEditor? /:)

I can see well enough how to use HtmlEditor in "an ordinary modal Form," but what's bugging me here is how best to arrange the event-listening so that data always gets updated, and to the right record, no matter what the user does. Several of the "usual" events that I would expect to be able to listen-to are disabled, and several others (e.g. sync) seem to exist nowhere else. Sure, it's all to be expected when using an iframe, but I can't be the very first person to have wandered down this path .... mmmm?