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27 Oct 2009, 8:32 PM
In my search for a good Wizard dialog, I found one here at...


Unfortunately it didn't work well... or at all with the latest versions of Ext GWT and GWT. So I cleaned up the errors, and adjusted the class to extend the ContentPanel instead of the Window.

I take no credit for the original idea, or coding, all I did was make it work for gwt 2.x.

http://michaelcamden.me/java/WizardPanel.zip (http://e-d20.com/java/WizardPanel.zip)

Installation Instructions:

Add the jar file to your build path.
Modify your gwt.xml file, and add the inherited module.

<inherits name='ext.ux.wizard.WizardPanel'/>

I also added three methods to the WizardPanel

Empty constructor, if you don't want to add cards right away, you can now do that.

addCard(WizardCard card)
Allows you to add individual cards to the WizardPanel

setCards(ArrayList<WizardCard> cards)
Allows you to set the card list.


WizardPanel wp = new WizardPanel();
ArrayList<WizardCard> cards = new ArrayList<WizardCard>();
cards.add(new WizardCard("Card 1"));
cards.add(new WizardCard("Card 2"));
cards.add(new WizardCard("Card 3"));



Added a new listener to the WizardCard. It listens for the card show event. You can set the listener by invoking the setCardShowListener method.

setCardShowListener(Listener<BaseEvent> l)

The proj (http://e-d20.com/java/WizardPanel.zip)ect I was using java for has died out completely, so I no longer have the time to maintain this code. I hope that it serves as an example of something that can be done using Ext GWT. I would recommend reading over the original authors post for examples or resources required, and wish you the best.

2 Jan 2010, 2:57 PM
This is excellent, thanks. One question I have: what's the recommended method of submitting a form in one of the cards? I don't see any way to do that in the example code of the original author, or any public method to get the formpanel.


17 May 2010, 12:09 PM
I followed your instructions but the images don't show up nor the css is loaded...

Did I miss something?

how does it know the path to the various png's involved.

- Bob