View Full Version : Register change in radiogroup

14 Oct 2009, 6:25 AM

I'm curently working on an undo functionality for our program. Therefore I'm creating an undo queue for an entire form.

I'm now working on the part for radio buttons. For the undo queue I need to register the value of the old checked radio button and the new checked radio button.

With an change event on the radio buttons you have 3 parameters: Ext.form.Field this, Mixed newValue, Mixed oldValue

The only problem is that the newvalue and oldvalue are from the new current selected radiobutton. So it is true or false.

When you create an change event on the radiogroup you have only 2 parameters:
Ext.form.RadioGroup this, Ext.form.Radio checked
Again this is only the new checked radio button.

Does anybody have an idea on how to work around this problem. So I need a way to get both the old checked value and the new in an change event.