View Full Version : Mask page and display form

12 Oct 2009, 11:09 AM
Hello! I have done some work with JsExt now, but I almost always started with a viewport which contains some controls.

What I need now is: When the user hits a button on a normal html-page, the page should be masked and a form should be displayed (like a modal dialogbox). The form needs to have a special background-image but should contain JsExt-Fields.

I know all the things using forms (sending them via Ajax), but I have no idea where to start this whole thing... Could somebody please give me some stepstones on how to do it, like:
- How do I mask the whole page without using a Viewport?
- How can I display a form in front of the mask?
- How can I make the form using a special background-image without using the blue JsEXT-Panel-headline and -borders from FormPanel?

Something like a MessageBox, but with customized content...