View Full Version : ReadOnly for components giving error...

9 Oct 2009, 2:13 PM
Halo, i'm having a strange problem with my components on the page.

I've an Ext.window with a form panel inside; which has certain components like textfields, combos etc. Note - when the window is closed; the window and the form panel is just hidden and not destroyed.
I've issues when applying readOnly to the fields in the window..

Opening a readOnly window -->
1) Window.show()
2) Set the components with the values..
3) Set readOnly to all components using a function...

Closing a readOnly window -->
1) Removes the readOnly (readOnly = false) for all components using a function
2) Resets all the fields with initial values
3) hides the window.

My scenario is
1) Open a readOnly window
2) Close it
3) Open readonly window again (for the same data or for another data)

Now, when i open up the window in readonly mode for the second time, my components like textfield, combos etc are not shown on the page. These components gets hidden some how. I can see the label for all the components but not the fields. One interesting thing is that if i either resize or move my window these components are visible..

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thanks in Advance...