View Full Version : What gets destroyed when a window closes ?

9 Oct 2009, 8:59 AM
After using Extjs for over a year now there is still one concept that eludes me and that is of 'garbage collection' and what elements of a component get destroyed when a window is closed.

Lets say I have a window with a panel which has dataviews, forms, buttons, etc all found within it. When I destroy (close) the window it's obvious to me that the 'stores' for the dataviews are still intact - but i'm wondering why other components which are 'defined' (eg var x = new form) and used within the window seem to get destroyed and no longer accessible when the window closes.

so why does var a = new store stay defined and re-usable after the window is closed, but var b = new formpanel seemingly get destroyed and can't be reused ?

or perhaps I'm just not getting it... thanks!