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8 Oct 2009, 1:39 AM
I am using combo with the autocomplete feature. min text length is set to 3 chars.
when i first time search it queries and bring the relevant data matching the text.
next time it works for same text since store has the records.
now i clear the store for some reason and again try to search with the same text, it doesnt query to bring the records.
what needs to be reset?
any clue?

I set queryParam='qbw'
still the problem persist.
I will explain the whole scenario of my app.
first time, User search an application by its name.
combo quries for the text and shows all the application names starting with the entered text.
then when user goes to different link, i am clearing out the store of the combo.
next time user comes to the screen and searches for the same old text, combo doesnt query may be because its maintainig the last search text and shows whatever there in the associated store i.e. empty store in my case.
how can i reset the search of a combo?

Please reply ASAP.

8 Oct 2009, 2:01 AM
What do you mean with 'clear the store'? If you empty the store, it's only natural the combo won't find any data.

8 Oct 2009, 4:36 AM
i am using store.removeAll()
yes, it clears the store data.
what i want is, combo should query api eventhough user enters same old text.