View Full Version : Contact Management, multiple tabs, will I have memory problems?

Dustin Graham
27 Sep 2009, 5:19 PM
I'm working on an idea to do sort of a contact management thing.

The idea I had was:
1) To use a viewport, and the center region is a card panel.
2) One of the cards is a tab panel and the other card is a grid. (+more later)
3) The grid is a list of contacts.
4) Double click a grid row -> creates a new tab for viewing and modifying details of the contact.

I am trying to figure out how much to put in the tab. My dad often opens dozens of tabs in his applications, and at this point when the user closes a tab I tell it to hide, not be destroyed.

(Not exactly sure if that's the case, I set autoDestory: false and then try tabPanel.getItem(id) to see if it still exists when trying to re-navigate from the grid to the tab panel.)

My question is this. How much should I make available from these tabs. At first I wanted to create a borderLayout with another couple regions, plus multiple inner tabs within the contact tab. I am worried that creating all this layout for every single company is going to overload the memory real quick.

I do like the idea of being able to leave a few contact tabs open for companies that you may check out repeatedly, but I also want to develop a lot of functionality (data storage) around a particular contact record.

Does this situation make sense? How can I make sure not to overload the browser memory and yet allow the user (my dad) to open a separate tab panel for each of 30+ contacts? (With 1000's of contacts in total.)