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21 Sep 2009, 1:44 AM
Hi All,
I am working in extjs since 15 days.
I am having a custom component to develop.we can call it as a multi section.A form is having some fields like -text box,one combo,one datefield.meaning one section is having 3 fields.

i am having a button(called addanother) to repeat that section in that form.after adding that section in the form for multiple times i have to give the pagination facility.

i am done with adding the section multiple times and struggling with
pagination.means for creating the form store and giving pagination facility.means my form should show only 4 section.like how it happens in a grid basically.

any help will be highly appreciated.


21 Sep 2009, 8:11 AM
why not use a card layout in the form? previous and next buttons to "page" through the different sections of the form.