View Full Version : Does ExtJS use any type of automated testing framework?

16 Sep 2009, 11:20 AM
We are trying to find something to do regression and automated unit testing of client side js code. It would be nice if it could test ui code also.

I've heard of selenium, but have not tried setting it up yet.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Does the ExtJS team use any test tools to test the library?


Mike Robinson
17 Sep 2009, 4:57 AM
I don't speak for them, but looking at the quality of the code I would say, "definitely not."

This is not the Perl community, where every package that you can possibly download has (usually) several hundred self-tests associated with it which it must pass before it will install itself onto your system.

This state-of-being, unfortunately, appears to be "typical of" the JavaScript client-side de rigeur, as opposed to being "noticeably inferior to" any of the others. I see no real evidence that bugs are found before they are found by the user community. And I really haven't seen any evidence of any of that anywhere on the client-side.

If you are going to subject your app to serious automated unit-testing, you'll undoubtedly find a slew of "undiscovered" errors in ExtJS. Just surf through the daily postings in the "Bugs" forums and you'll see that it's pretty darned basic stuff.