View Full Version : HtmlEditor .isDirty() is always true

15 Sep 2009, 4:05 PM
When I display a window, that has a form, that has an HtmlEditor in it, checking htmlEditor.isDirty() is True, even though I have not yet typed in any data. Is this a bug?

16 Sep 2009, 6:42 AM
Anyone else seeing this?

16 Sep 2009, 7:24 AM
Seems that the solution I just posted here: http://www.extjs.com/forum/showthread.php?p=387356#post387356

solves this problem...

Alan Heywood
16 Sep 2009, 7:44 PM
I was having the same problem, turned out it was only happening when I was using the Chrome browser, and was a different issue to resetting the dirty flags.

I was already using this function to reset the dirty flags:

function resetFormDirtyFlags(formPanelId)
// hack to reset the dirty flags to false
var form = Ext.getCmp(formPanelId).getForm();
form.items.each(function(f) {
f.originalValue = f.getValue();

but was still seeing the problem.

The solution was to use the patch detailed here. (https://extjs.net/forum/showthread.php?p=355096#post355096)

I believe this is fixed in the 3.0.2 maintenance release but you need to be a subscriber to get it..