View Full Version : Interesting ComboBox dilemma

10 Sep 2009, 11:32 AM
To see issue:
1. go here http://www.stevenlanders.com/lcdesktop/
2. Click on the start menu
3. Click "Customer Search"

Note the "Number per Page" toolbar in the middle, and the placement of the drop-down button next to the Combo Box. The button should be on the right, but it appears on the left.

Interesting Part:
- This only occurs if I use ext-all.js or any minified version of ext-all-debug.js on this desktop layout. ext-all-debug.js works fine (but is 2MB!) - and ext-all.js works fine if I do NOT use this layout and simply display the item in its own page.

I'm curious if there's an option I should have set - or perhaps there's a better way to go about this? There may be some sort of force layout call I should make?

FYI: I'm using Safari 4


10 Sep 2009, 11:53 AM
.ext-strict .ext-safari .x-small-editor .x-form-text {
height: 18px !important;
.ext-safari .x-form-field-wrap .x-form-trigger{

That seems to fix the issue in Safari. I found this on another forum - but it was for a slightly different issue, interestingly.