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10 Sep 2009, 8:14 AM

I have some issue with EXTJS Ext.ux.tree.ColumnTree.

My ColumnTree gets updated every N seconds.
This uses the following code snippet.

function treeRunner() {
autoRefreshing = loadingTask = {
run: function(){
interval: 3000,

If we change the database values, while updating, it should reload the Tree folder nodes as well as Tree leaf nodes.
We can reload the entire tree using Tree.root.reload() function. But if we change any leaf node value in database, it should reload only leaf nodes.
How can we reload only leaf nodes in a ColumnTree with out reloading the parent node..?

Please help me..
Thanks in advance

shiva nagaraju nadendla

11 Sep 2009, 7:29 AM
You'll have to build something yourself using Ext.Ajax.request and update the nodes with the server response.