View Full Version : Height of inner div of grid

8 Sep 2009, 3:42 AM
I have grid with fixed height setted to 300px. Inner div of my grid has setted height automatically to "248px". That is div which contains rows of data. The last row is not visible (even if there is a scroller on side).So, I would like to change this height to 280px. How can I do that?

<div id="ext-gen4" class="x-panel-body" style="height: 248px;">

8 Sep 2009, 5:34 AM
I assume you overnested your layout.

Can you post the code for the container with your grid?

8 Sep 2009, 6:44 AM
Thank you Condor. I found that the problem was when i put the PagingToolbar into bbar of grid. If i don't explicitly define the height in config of PagingToolbar than the toolbar covers the last line of grid, otherwise don't.

regards, Simon