View Full Version : Rendering form objects in a grid cell?

2 Sep 2009, 6:50 AM
Is it possible to render a form object within a grid cell?
I'm making a basic "form creator" and I have a grid that lists the fields and their types (textfield, textarea, checkbox, combobox, etc) however I'd like to simply show a preview of that element instead of just the type.

Current View:
Where Type is displayed as a string

FName | Textfield
Eyes | ComboBox
Admin | Checkbox
I'd like to show the actual Ext.form.ComboBox or Ext.form.TextField that I'd use on the actual form (right now I don't care how or even if these elements are populated with values, it's more to give the user and idea of what the generated form would look like with label and form element combos)

Mike Cahill