View Full Version : Keeping client files up to date gracefully...

Clever Cutter
2 Sep 2009, 6:36 AM
We've got a relatively new application that was released way earlier than it should have been due to an amazingly overbearing client. We constantly push new updates 5-6 times per day due to all of the bug fixes and new features. We use a Viewport with a left side grid, middle panel form and submit buttons. The user can spend hours on this page without a page refresh. This causes issues when we need to make a change to an ExtJS file and need the user to refresh the browser. Sometimes a db server side change totally breaks the application without a refresh. We alert the user that a refresh may be required, but sometimes they'd lose all their form data. It's quite a large form.

I've been researching trying to figure out the best and most graceful way to make the user refresh or somehow get the latest client code. If people could share their experiences on this topic. I've tried searching the forums but I can't come up with the proper keyword to get any useful results. I don't need code examples, just looking more for theory and approach.

As always, thank you for your assistance.