View Full Version : AutoPagingGrid "LiveGrid" using BufferView

23 Aug 2009, 7:39 PM
I know LiveGrid is coming soon, but as an interm solution I put this together. There are 2 main issues with it:

1.) Somehow I lost the ability to use the scroll wheel to scroll through the grid.
2.) You need to know how many items you will have at runtime and If there are 10-50k+ items, the startup time suffers since the grid creates an object for each entry.

If anyone has ideas on how to remedy this, I'd appreciate it.

The attached project is mavenized, to use it make sure you have Maven and the GXT SDK extracted somewhere. Extract the attached zip file, copy the resources folder from the GXT SDK to "src/main/resources/com/tradingscreen/experiments/amatviyc/public/resources/" and run "mvn gwt:run".

Thoughts and comments appreciated. Especially if you have any ideas for fixing the issues listed above.