View Full Version : Flash movie in ext.panel sticks to mouse on mouse click

19 Aug 2009, 6:45 AM

I am using a FlashComponent to show a flash movie (I tried placing it inside an ext.panel as well as outside) and although the movie is shown properly, I have serious problem with the mouse interaction.

In the flash movie the user can select items with drawing a rubberband around them.
Unfortunately, whenever someone clicks on the movie, the whole panel is attached to the mouse and sticks to it. (Basically what happens when you drag around a panel in the menu bar, except that on mouse up the panel is still attached to the mouse.
Actually there seems to be no way to detach the panel from the mouse cursor.

Chances are that there is an interference between the mouse handling in Flash and Ext,
but I don't know how to avoid that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

movie = new Ext.FlashComponent({
// its important to set the FlashComponents hideMode to offsets
hideMode : 'offsets',
overflow : 'hidden',
id : 'communityMap',
swfId : 'communityMap',
url : 'LiquidPub.swf',
renderTo : 'map_container'

I already took a look into ext-ux-flashcomponent, but could not get it running properly (error was 'ext.ux.util' unknown). But hopefully I don't need it anyway.

The version of ext is 'Ext JS Library 3.0 RC2' - that's what it say in ext-all-debug.js