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17 Aug 2009, 12:09 AM
Hi All ,
i have loaded an Applet in a Panel using the following configuration and the applet is loading perfectly fine

bodyCfg: {
tag: 'applet',
archive: Applets.jar,
code: 'TickekApplet',
cn: [
{ tag: 'param', name: 'MAYSCRIPT', value: 'true' }



I need to call an Extjs Function from the applet , Can somebody let me know the best approach for this or an example

Thanks in Advance


8 May 2012, 4:58 AM
when I call the javascript API from Applet then "window.onbeforeunload" event is called.

Applet code to call javascript API :

AppletContext.showDocument(new URL("javascript:closeApplet()"));

JS Code :

function closeApplet()
alert("Close Applet");

Here I am not getting "window.onbeforeunload" event called while applet calling API of JS.

Error on Browser : IE7
Working on Chrome.

Please reply

Thank you