View Full Version : Grid with grouping and paging

13 Aug 2009, 4:39 AM
Hi guys,

is anyone aware of a grid example where grouping and pagination co-exist ?
The functionality I want to implement is the following. When I collapse the group,
the next group appears in the same page. Moreover, the number or pages must
be re-calculated.

I followed thread:

where Condor mentions that pagination and grouping 'don't work well together'.
Can someone elaborate ? This means that it is not feasible at all, or it performs poorly ?

Is there any other alternative to use pagination and grouping or ext does not support such combination? Any similar example or idea ?


13 Aug 2009, 4:46 AM
Think about it.

You're paging, so you might not have the full group. The page might start halfway down one group, and finish halfway down another.