View Full Version : DWRProxy (DWR) vs. DirectJNgine (Ext.Direct)

12 Aug 2009, 5:29 AM

I plan a mid-big application using web remoting. No I investigated two ways how to
achive this: DWR and Ext.Direct.

For Ext.Direct doesnīt exist a official server-side Java-implementation yet, also there
is no official DWR-support for ExtJS.

There is a Ext.Direct implementation for Java (DirectJNgine), but I couldnīt find any
information about security like DWR offers. On the other side Iīve found three implementations
of a Ext-DWRProxy (only for reading at the moment).

My question to you is: Which tool would you prefer, with features likes security, performance,
ease of use, ...., in your mind?

Many thanks! ;)

13 Aug 2009, 1:17 AM
I am using the DWRProxy.

I took a quick (so please donīt flame me) look at the DirectJNgine-doc and as far as I can see it lacks some features:

- Scope on server side for your bean/method to be remoted (application, session, page)
- Security-features
- Access to the Servlet-context
- ...

So Ext.Direct itself is very new I decided to use the well-profen DWR.


26 Aug 2009, 3:52 PM
One and a half years ago when I worked for former employer, I wrote my own DWR store and DWR proxy, which worked very well on a fairly large application.

As previous poster said DWR is around for a while and has been proved to be a good approach. Ext Direct is too new. If it is hard for you to decide, just start either one and see how it goes. Maybe you need write an abstract layer, which will mitigate your pain if you need switch to the other approach in the future.

For now my recommendation is DWR.

Have fun.