View Full Version : RadioGroup looses originalValue

11 Aug 2009, 1:07 AM
Hello togehther!

It seems to be another small problem with my application that wasn`t discussed in this forum so far. :D

I have a ContentPanel containing another ContentPanel.
The inner ContentPanel contains a RadioGroup.
This RadioGroup has 3 radios.
The first radio is configured with:


So, when the application has been loaded, radio1 has the value(true) of the group.
The outer ContentPanel is collapsed during the use of this application.

The problem is now when i expand the outer ContentPanel, the OriginalValue of the RadioGroup is not set.

I need the original value(true) in this formular the whole time !!!

It is not possible to reset/refresh the value of radio1 after the "collapse-event" of the outer ContentPanel...

What can i else try?