View Full Version : Suggestion for the best design

8 Aug 2009, 7:36 AM

I'm writing a complex application.
I would to build custom object... but I don't know the best way..

For example.
I need to build complex panel swith the following elements.

a title
a header panel
a toolbar with button
a grid panel
a (optional) form panel.
I have no problem to build it...
I have a function that build it...
I would convert it is somethink more "Object Oriented"

I have diffent way to do it

Extends a Panel
Extends a Component
create a factory
...The problem is that due an ajax request I must refresh the already created panel (e.g. to fill the Optional form panel)... and change toolbar and so action linked ...
Sametime listener for Grid are different.

If I don't need to refresh it... it will be very easy using extends...

I would find the best way to create an Object Oriented structure in order to use extension.

An idea can be:
Create each time a new panel and passing the "original" panel..
When I create the new Panel I will create necessary element from the "original" one to the new one....

I will appreciate any suggestions.