View Full Version : Performance issue with too many tabs in tabpanel

6 Aug 2009, 3:43 PM
I have performance issue with tabpanel.
My application can have about 300 tabs in tabpanel.
It's load time is good with 70-80 tabs.
But I found load time is very slow with 100+ tabs.

I have tried defer method in tab-scroller-menu.js examples.
Application's load time is good. But when method is executed, application is stopped for a long time.

Does anyone have an idea to solve this issue?

Sorry my poor English.

6 Aug 2009, 7:15 PM
Please excuse my ignorance, but why do you have 300 tabs :-?

6 Aug 2009, 8:08 PM
Yes, this is very rare case.

But, we have about 20,000 communities in our companies.
Each community has bulletin board system.
Our users want to see their community bulletin boards under each tab.

Currently, some people(about 100-150 people) have joined about 300 communities.

7 Aug 2009, 6:43 AM
I think you need to reconsider the UI you are building. That's a huge amount of elements to build into the DOM. Are you setting deferredRender:true?

Even if a user has that many tabs, they're certainly not going to want to scroll left/right to find the one they want.

9 Aug 2009, 10:44 PM
I would probably create a tree structure on the LHS with a single panel on the RHS.
That way you could also allow your users to group their bulletin boards (if you want to). This way you only have two panels no matter how many communities they join up to. You could also give a fast search/lookup fiield at the top of the tree. Food for thought. Good luck.

20 Aug 2009, 9:29 PM
i have same problem i.e tabpanel performace issue.
i have 7 tabs in my page
1. the first tab contains around 50 controls like
combobox, textbox, button, panels etc..
2. but other tabs contains less number of controls.
3. toally i have 4 grids in these tabs.
my tabpanel taking around 4-5 sec to load.
but you told that in your application upto 70-80 tabs
there is no performace issue please give me tips how
to increase tabpanel load time.
please help me