View Full Version : GridPanel, Public Events: listeners for when groupField/title is clicked

6 Aug 2009, 10:49 AM
I have a GroupingStore using groupField/title in a GridPanel and what to get when the groupField/title is clicked.

the only one that seems to fire when I click on the groupField/title is the 'click' even but that Event doesn't give me enough data(EventObject) I need "Grid this, Number rowIndex" at lease so i can get row info.

my objective is i have a small josn default and on "X" of the groupField/title i need to have the row info of the first element. From there I can pull out the children and push it into the json.

I have tried rowclick, rowmousedown, headerclick, cellmousedown, cellcontextmenu, cellmousedown, cellclick...

attached is a img of what I want to do