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5 Aug 2009, 7:38 AM
To moderators: please remove this from here, it's belonging to the forum on 1.2.x...

In GXT 1.2.4, I'm trying to slightly change the behaviour of the tool button menus. Originally, I have something like this:

TextToolItem toolItem=new TextToolItem();
// The menu variable is filled somewhere before

In this case, the menu is shown when the button is _clicked_. I would like to change this and to show the menu just when the mouse is over the button (yes, I know how the split button works, it doesn't solve my problem). The problem is that when I do:

toolItem.addListener(Events.OnMouseOver, new Listener <ComponentEvent> (){
public void handleEvent(ComponentEvent ce){
// The code here is never executed

...I simply don't receive any mouse events, so there is nothing I can do with this...

Any ideas on how to solve it?