View Full Version : How to set scrollTop and scrollLeft value in tabpanel

28 Jul 2009, 9:22 PM
In my UI, I design a panel in a tabpanl. This panel auto scroll attribute is set true. and some panel could be dragged contains in these panel. So the question is here: if I drag the panel to the right and bottom, the scroll will be shown fine, but left and up direction is doesnot work, scrolLeft and scrolTop are always 0.

The methods I used are list here:

1. this.panel.getEl().scrollTo('left', 200, true);
2. this.panel.getEl()..scroll('left', 200, true);
3. setTimeout(function(){
this.panel.body.dom.scrollLeft = 200;
}, 10);

but there are always can not work. :(. scrolLeft and scrolTop are always 0. I want to set scrolLeft and scrolTop value.

Please help me! Thanks! (:|