View Full Version : Ext.MessageBox.wait causing subsequent render problem

27 Jul 2009, 8:21 AM
It seems that once a Ext.MessageBox.wait has been displayed, any subsequent calls to other messagebox types, causes the width of the box to be constrained, causing unnecessary word wrap. This can be demonstrated at:

http://extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/message-box/msg-box.html (http://extjs.com/forum/../deploy/dev/examples/message-box/msg-box.html)

First click on the "Wait Dialog". After that has finished, click on any of the other messagebox samples on that page, and you will see this problem occur.

It looks really bad. Is there any work around?

27 Jul 2009, 8:32 AM
I don't see that problem in FF3.5 or IE6. What browser/OS?

27 Jul 2009, 8:38 AM
This is fixed in SVN.

27 Jul 2009, 8:39 AM
I saw it on the online examples page, but not locally with a new build.

27 Jul 2009, 8:41 AM
It looked like this


After clicking a smaller one like the "Standard Yes/No dialog"

27 Jul 2009, 10:22 AM
FF3, Windows XP