View Full Version : [3.0.0] Double label in combobox give the first label

23 Jul 2009, 3:58 AM

Into my combobox, I have this values :
- "aaa" (1)
- "bbb" (2)
- "ccc" (3)
- "Test - File test" (4)
- "Test - File test" (5)
- "zzz" (n)

When I choose "aaa", after click button, id return 1. This is OK.
The same for "bbb" (return 2) and "ccc" (return 3).

Now, I choose the first label "Test - File test". Click button return 4 (OK).
Next, the same with the second "Test - File test", and value return is... 4. Not 5.

When I click on second label "Test - File test", it's correctly selected, but if combobox loose focus, when I return to check it, it is the first label "Test - File test" which is selected.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: There is the same problem with Firefox, Safari, and IE.