View Full Version : [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Quicktips near bottom of page display off page when trackMouse enabled

21 Jul 2009, 3:41 PM
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only default ext-all.cssBrowser versions tested against:

FF3.5 (firebug 1.4.0 installed)
Operating System:
WinXP ProDescription:
If I have items toward the bottom of a page with a largish quick tip (say 5 or 6 lines of text),
I can hover my mouse over the item and the tip will popup correctly on the page and be fully visible.
The alignment of the tip to the mouse pointer will be something like the mouse pointer lines up with the bottom quarter of the quick tip box.
Now if I have trackMouse enabled the tip will correctly display when it initially pops up, but the instant I move my mouse it seems the top left corner of the tip box becomes anchored to the mouse pointer rather than the previous bottom quarter left edge.
The result of this is that more than half of the tip box is displayed off screen and the browser adds a vertical scroll bar.
This situation makes it impossible to read the quicktip.Steps to reproduce the problem:

Place a multi-line quicktip on an item near the bottom of a page.
Enable trackMouse for quick tips.
Set showDelay to about 1 second to allow you to easily position the mouse and let go so that it doesn't move when the tip pops up
Size browser window so that the item with tip is near to the bottom of window
Move mouse. The tip will move such that most of it is off screen
The result that was expected:
Expected that the vertical alignment of quick tip box to mouse pointer would remain consistent, since the initial alignment prior to mouse move is correct.
Horizontal alignment remains consistent as expectedThe result that occurs instead:
Expected vertical alignment of tip box and mouse pointer to remain consistent as it does for horizontal alignment. Expect tooltip to be positioned on page in visible location.Debugging already done:
Possible fix:
not provided
Do not use trackMouse on pages that use multi-line quicktips.