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19 Jul 2009, 7:09 AM

I have some questions about EditorGridPanel.

1) I need that cells are automatically editable.
I see that i can use clicksToEdit property to set how many click the user must do to edit cell. I try it with "0" but it doesn't works

I need somethink like an excel sheet... user also moving with tab key, should enter directly in edit of the cell.
I try also "auto": this seems to be the right way.. but (http://www.extjs.com/deploy/dev/docs/source/Checkbox.html#cls-Ext.form.Checkbox) it doesn't works

2) How add an empty row?
I need to implements an Order Entry. Order Line entries will be inserted using a EditorGridPanel, but I haven't understand how to insert a new empty (or maybe with some preloaded data) row.

3) the EditorGridPanel is in a form panel with someother fields.
How to submit EditorGridPanel and other fields all together ?

I should have for each column in the grid an HTML array during submit.
I must submit all grid cell either if data are not changed.
(I cannot save each line individually for same restriction on the backend)


19 Jul 2009, 8:22 AM
Will something like this suffice?: http://extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/grid/row-editor.html

Once the focus falls into the rows of the grid, you can press enter to fire up row editor for the current row, where you can use tab and shift+tab to walk through the cells in that row. Press enter again to exit the row editor and you can use up or down key to go to the other rows and perform row edit on those rows.

19 Jul 2009, 10:28 PM
Hi Lukman
TY for you reply, but it is not suffice.

My customer don't want to push "enter" to go in edit mode in a line.

There is also another issue.
If the user use the TAB when the line is in edit mode... in the example focus after the "Active" cell, go the the "Update" and "Cancel" button (and it is ok...) but after go the the Browser's URL field. I believe it should go to the next cell...

and again... Usually a checkbox can be checked/unchecked using the "enter" button, but in this editor grid panel, "Enter" has another behaviour (enter and exit from the row editor). So user cannot use only the keyboard in a fast way to edit data... (think about a person working 8hours/day to insert orders... also additional 10 seconds to enter order is a big issue... customer will need another data-entry employee.. and so additional cost... and unfortunally I'm in this case)

So I need really an Editor Grid with all cell just in edit mode.
I see the example for add a new line.. but i'm sorry.. i was not so precise to expose my doubts...
what's happend if the editor grid has a toolbar page ? (I should try it....)
if you have 10 rows /page... and you have 9 rows...
I add an additional line.... so now I have 10 rows... ok it is keeped in the same page..
Now I add another line.. .line nbr 11...
what I will see ?
11 Lines ? or 10 line + (automatically) a new page (the page number 2..) ?
(I want this second case)