View Full Version : To clear a grid before load or not?

14 Jul 2009, 7:30 AM
I'm debating the following. When (re)loading a grid, should I first clear it or allow the existing records to remain visible as it is loading (with loadMask displayed)? There are pros and cons to both:

1) Clearing the grid on load:

Pro: Prevents any confusion to end user as to whether or not the visible records were part of the current load or not.
Con: Creates screen flashing which is hard on the eyes.

2) Leaving existing records on load:

Pro: Easier on the eyes, not screen flash.
Con: Possible confusion to end user if visible records are part of new load or not.

I know this is more of a philosophical/user experience debate, as opposed to a technical one, but I'm wondering what people think about this? I know I'll probably get 10 different answers from 10 different people, but still thought I would ask.


14 Jul 2009, 8:47 AM
No need to set up a poll for a question.

That said, when you load a store, by default it automagically clears it. I just use the OOTB behavior as they are part of the best practices used throughout the industry.

14 Jul 2009, 9:00 AM
Poll closed - it is not appropriate to create a poll for a simple help question.