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14 Jul 2009, 3:31 AM
hello all. again sorry for my english.Many times are passed since my xtension. It while I'm busy now. But I want to do some propositions. It's a big projet to do extjs complete.There can contain:
Ext.pdf:this project is to do a pdf content with javascript.It based on jspdf project.I start:page ,text ,ellipse,round rectangle,rectangle,line fonctionality is available.To do: insert image:I want to switch with many method:flash plugin if installed,Canvas getPixel fonctionality if is support or server side coding ,can be use base64 encoding.
Ext.Drawing.Vector:this project is to add a vector drawing functionality.I start also and post.but i want to recoding the architecture for doing manipulation easy.this project switch beetween two vector languages VML for IE and SVG.
Ext.Drawing.Paint:like Vector but use HTML5 Canvas.work with all,but use excanvas for IE.So it's the bitmap version of vector.

Ext.Charting:for chart and based on Ext.Drawing (I start and post) Also want to recoding.

Ext.Reporting: for reporting .A lighting report library.I start also.May export to pdf with Ext.pdf or image with Ext.Drawing (or Opendocument for example..)

Ext.Drawing3D:no coment.

Ext.Animation:To do some animation Like FLASH in javascript.

Ext.Graph:for graph.this can be use for Ext.UML,Ext.Shema, etc...

I'm alone and in my country, you must be work so hard.I have not enought to stay to house to code with a free project.I do some effort but it's no sufficient.So I'want some HELP for all especially for the Graph programmation ( preference in french).

24 May 2011, 9:05 AM
sorry for long waiting, but my country is in war. So i hide.the situation is very hard,missing of water,food and money . so this is the news:
ext.drawing is abandoned because there are a better version in extjs4.
it is the same for ext.charting.

the beta (or alpha) of ext.publishing is ok. the code use raphael vector library instead of ext.drawing of extjs4 because it finished before the dev of extjs4.there are publishing viewer.It's not a final version.the architecture of library is not finish so be carefull.
TO Do:
-implement section like in word.
-better sizing and positionning( here i need help)

it the same for ext.reporting.
subreport support;
crosstab etc..;
multiple report for one document output;

ext.pdf is in development; sorry again.

download here http://code.google.com/p/extjs-guede/