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13 Jul 2009, 4:45 PM
I am trying to convert an existing app to use Extjs. I am having an issue with tabs. I have multiple existing pages with divs that contain a class:
<div id="tabContainer1" class="tabContent"></div>

I do not want to have replace my "tabContent" class with the "x-hide-display" class for every div on every page but the tabs do not appear unless I do.

If I have multiple classes:
<div id="tabContainer1" class="tabContent x-hide-display"></div>

The tabs do not display. I attempted to add the class dynamically in my tab generation code with no luck:

Can anyone help me out? If this is something that is documented I apologize but I have searched the API and the forums for an answer and could not find anything. Thank you.


14 Jul 2009, 4:42 AM
My bad. This only occurs when the "tabContent" style has "display:none", which makes sense. Ext removes/toggles the "x-hide-display" class but can't know to remove/toggle my custom "tabContent" class.