View Full Version : ext container as renderer for a grid column

1 Jul 2009, 2:30 PM
I have extended the Ext.Container that takes a list of Ext.Control objects and add them vertically. This could be Button, text, links or images. I have developed extended the Ext's components for my application logic and want to re-use the same component inside the grid as I use outside the grid.

Is there a way to set the Ext.grid.Column.renderer function to return an object of type Ext.Container or Ext.Component?

I have tried that but it doesn't work. I have searched through forums and google but could only find examples where renederer function returns HTML markup. I don't want to return the HTML markup because that way I won't be able to re-use inside the grid the ext components I have developed for my application. Returning markup also puts the onus of figuring out the layout, style, size on the application developer instead of on the framework as it should be.

There seems to be more flexibility for the edit case where setting Ext.grid.Column.editor can be any object of type Ext.form.Field but a renderer has to be a function that returns HTML.

I am new to ext, would really appreciate your help.