View Full Version : treepanel example : column-tree won't load the data

24 Jun 2009, 12:56 PM
For some reason, I can't see data in the tree in the column-tree example. I can only see empty tree table. Other examples are working fine. Whenever there is json file involved, the examples are not working.

Appreciate any help I can get.


24 Jun 2009, 1:03 PM
Please post in the correct forum. Examples is for posting working examples that you've built.

Are you running in a webserver? Have you read the FAQ?

24 Jun 2009, 1:13 PM
I am running it outside of the webserver. Do I need to run it in the webserver.

24 Jun 2009, 5:51 PM
Yes, run it on a webserver or take a look at Doug Henderick's basex extension which will enable you to run it on the file system.