View Full Version : [Ext3.0RC2] TreeGrid Problem with IE6

24 Jun 2009, 3:08 AM
I have a strange Problem in IE6 (using Ext 3.0 RC2).

In my Application, I've a treepanel. On click, it executes a defined handler function.

In Firefox, IE7, IE8 this work's perfect.

In IE6, on node click, I get the error message 'Ext.fly('') is null...'
The JavaScript Debugger shows an Error in Ext.getTarget() function, it say, that
this.target is undefined.

But it works properly in any other browser. The same Code, based on Ext2.2.1 worked fine...:((

Could someone help me please?

24 Jun 2009, 5:56 PM
This issue has been resolved after Ext 3.0 RC2. It is currently in SVN and will be released with the next build.